Entourage Pocket Edge Ereader android tablet - GPS - 4GB MicroSD


Get the Entourage Pocket Edge multi-tasking notebook that has a 6-inch reader/writer on one side and a 7-inch touchscreen tablet for browsing on the other side. Read e-books, write notes, draw diagrams, browse, download documents, and save your files, all in one Entourage Dualbook. Easily record and play and audio, or video of your choice, on this Entourage notebook. The rotating screens provide you with a comfortable view. This Entourage Pocket Edge notebook comes with built-in Wi-Fi, for you to have quick internet access. The 3 GB storage, along with an expandable memory, making it easy for you to save and store your stuff in this Entourage Dualbook. Built with a stylus, microphone and speakers, this Entourage notebook is a perfect gadget for students.

Golden Library