Amazon 6" Graphite Wi-Fi Kindle E Book Reader D00901



My sister went on a cruise in 2011, and saw a woman reading a book on a Kindle. She decided to buy herself one when she got back. In June of 2011, she purchased the Kindle that I am now trying to sell for her. She never really used it. She has memory problems and technology is about as alien to her as it would be to a caveman. I mean it, this Kindle has hardly been used, if at all. It is pristine and she never got the concept of how to work it.

Model: D00901
Color: Graphite
Condition: In Brand New-Like Condition
Comes with a zippered case, the original Micro-USB to USB plug, PLUS an additional Micro-USB to USB plug, a wall plug and a car charger. It comes also with the original little instructional booklet.

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