Petmate Litter Locker Plus Disposal - With 8 Refills - 22501


Litter Locker that we have no use for anymore.  It has been cleaned thoroughly and ran through the dishwasher.  It worked great when we had the use for it.  It includes everything you need except for a scoop.

Litter Locker Plus is the award winning innovative system that solves the problem of soiled litter disposal. Litter Locker Plus gives cat lovers an odorless, hygienic, easy way to dispose of waste. Pet owners simply scoop and sift clumps in a regular litter box using a litter scoop, open the lid and discard the waste in the Litter Locker Plus container. With a quick and easy turn of the handle, the clumps and odors are sealed away in a 7-ply odor barrier bag. One turn a day, keeps the odor away. Microban Antimicrobial Protection.

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