Kittywalk travel tent set for cats USED! Includes tower, T-connect and 8 curves


Good-old Kittywalk "Grand Prix" cat containment system. It is great for those times you need to travel with your cat to a campground or a festival.

The set includes the "penthouse", the "T-connect" and two sets of curves, 4 curves in each. The penthouse is a tower with 3 levels of shelves, the height of an adult man. The rest are basically a set of netted corridors you can connect in a multitude of ways.

Assembling this thing takes about 30 minutes of labor. Packing it back into its bags is not a walk in the park either. That said, if you need to travel outdoors, and you can't leave your cat at home, this is the only real option, and it actually works.

The set is in a very good condition, nothing's broken, nothing's lost. The travel bags are pretty worn and have few small punctures in them. Includes the pieces themselves, the fasteners to keep the pieces together, assembly instructions, two flags, extra cords and the bangee straps to cross-tie the tower.

Golden Library