Used Small Animal Cage White Wire Measures 24 Tall X 15 X 15 wide


Used white wire small pet cage. I kept the used items in to show how it can be set up, but you may want to replace them , the cage itself is in good condition, no rust. I had it as the second one for my office and hardly got used. It has a purple shelf that measure 9 x 7 deep in.  The cage measures 24 tall  x 15  x 15 wide. There is one colorful pretty bird toy that is new. The door on a hinge measures 11 x 9 in. and a smaller slide up door 4 x 4 in. It shows the base and the tray with cedar chips, it can be pulled out, all this can be easily removed and rearraged.  There is 1 handle on the top.

Golden Library