Antique Chinese Bird Cage Wood Handcrafted VERY OLD Handcarved Sliding Door


Very OLD Antique Handcrafted Bird Cage. This one is a true antique treasure. Please zoom in and view the gorgeous handmade details and workmanship in this early antique piece, It is truly amazing and beautiful.

The antique cage is constructed of all wood, Even the wood bars on the cage are hand threaded, you will see no nails throughout the cage, only the long screw and nut at the hook on top of the cage. The entire bird cage is solid wood. The pedestal legs of the cage have beautiful carved designs of birds, foilage, lily pads. It has an oriental flair to the design. All of the ornate design work on the scrolled edge of pedestal legs is carved into the wood. This design work is on each of the pedestal legs.

The opening Door of the cage is Awesome! It is raised and lowered by the ornate carved wood spikes that fit into the holes on the sides of the cage door. The top of the spiked wood Latch closure (handle) is carved wood  shaped like a pedestal vase, which has a beautiful hand carved design also.

The Bottom of cage is solid wood as well. There are brass metal bands that fit surrounding bottom of cage, These are used to release bottom of cage for cleaning. The surface of the bottom of the cage has a material over the wood which feels like a smooth paper type of finish.

The height of the cage is 26" inches not including the length og the hook. The cage measures 47"1/2 in circumference.

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