Live Fish Kuhli Loach 2" For Freshwater Plant Aquarium


Black Kuhli Loaches are a variant of the popular tropical fish. They are quite difficult to find in fish shops but make a useful and interesting addition to the tropical fish tank, Black Kuhli Loach spends its time actively scurrying around, over, and through the plants and ornamentation. It is scavenging for leftover foods that have settled on the bottom of the aquarium. A great little helper in keeping the aquarium clean and in good shape.

Black Kuhli Loaches active at night (as they are nocturnal) they are quite undemanding, though they do prefer to be fed at the end of the day. They are peaceful with other tank mates, and though they are not a schooling fish, they will be more likely to come out of hiding if you keep them with several of their own species. Having like companionship makes them more prone to behave as they would in nature. They are quite hardy and can live for several years.

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