Mangroves (6) Povide habitat Amphipods Discus Crystal Red Bumble Bee Amano


6  Mangrove tree seedlings with leaves (Rhizophora Mangle).

Red Mangrove.

These are our prime growers. These are 18" plus.

Great for planting submerged in freshwater aquariums. The extensive root system will become the natural home for crustaceans. mollusks, and invertebrates. Excellent plant for shrimp tanks. In the wild, shrimp live in the mangrove root system. It is their natural habitat. Great for Shrimp tanks. Amano, Cherry shrimp,Chrystal red shrimp, etc…..

Plant some in your betta bowl.

Can be grown in freshwater, Saltwater, or brackish water aquariums.

Also can be grown in pot with dirt. An attractive plant with flowers.

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