Bookshelf Aquarium Stand & Canopy Plans


Detailed set of plans to build a bookshelf style aquarium stand and canopy (the stand pictured was built for a 90g aquarium using these plans). The plans include a materials list, tools list, dimensions list, and written step-by-step instructions with full illustrations.

This design incorporates two pieces, a "stand" section which supports the aquarium and a "canopy" section which wraps around the aquarium. When the two pieces are put together (the canopy sits on top of the stand)  It appears to be a single piece of furniture. Building this in two separate pieces allows it to be easily carried through doorways, up/down stairways, etc. This design also provides a plethora of room both above and below the tank, for sump equipment, auto top-off containers, metal halide lighting reflectors, etc.

Golden Library