SpectraPure's LiterMeter III & Extra Hose

  • ·         One internal pump provided with unit, remote pumps optional
  • ·         Fully automatic pump operation - Set it and forget it
  • ·         Precision Dosing calibration feature eliminates guess work
  • ·         Dependable and virtually maintenance free
  • ·         Self-priming and Anti-siphoning
  • ·         Compact size and cool operation
  • ·         Highest quality precision dosing system - incomparable accuracy


The new LiterMeter III is an automatic precision dosing pump for the aquarium and horticulture industry. Three independent programs control one built-in pump and one or two external pumps. Perform 2-way water changes, in addition to eliminating the manual drudgery of dosing Kalkwasser, trace elements, or topping off evaporated water. Quiet operation, auto-calibration, and virtually maintenance-free.


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