2 Ushio Metal Halide Lamps / Light Bulbs, 10,000K UHI - S175AQ Germany


The Aqualite™ 10,000K lamps have a high color temperature from a single point source which simulates the appearance of sunlight near the equator in ocean depths of approximately 5 meters.

The aquarium bulb requires the use of a Pulse Start Ballast to properly ignite this bulb.

-         10,000K
-         175 Watt
-         Single Ended
-         420 and 460nm (nanometer) range with additional concentration spikes in the 380nm, 550nm and 580nm wavelengths.
-         Simulates natural daylight as in the ocean at depths up to 13 feet.
-         Longer life - TRUE-10000K Metal Halide has an exceptionally high rated life.
-         Very High Color Rendering Index of 95 CRI

Condition: Very Good Pre-owned Condition. Both Tested and work great!

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