150 watt Galaxy Electronic Ballast, LumenMax 3 Pendant Phoenix 14k bulb


The  Ballast is about 2 years old. The pendant is around 1 year old, and the bulb is 3 months old. 

 150 Watt Galaxy Electronic Ballast

  • Runs all mogul-based & double-ended metal halide lamps. 
  • 99.9% power efficiency. 
  • Resettable circuit breaker for short circuit protection. 
  • Anodized, extruded aluminum housing. 
  • Silent operation. 

LumenMax 3 Pendant

  • Accommodates 250 watt double ended metal halide (HQI) lamps 
  • Rust proof, light weight aluminum housing 
  • Square, symmetrical design for amazing output and uniformity 
  • Reflector made from 95% reflective European aluminum 
  • Durable & attractive black powder coated finish 
  • 15 ft detachable lamp cord with male plug 
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