Walter Worm Banana Worms Micro Worm Vinegar Eel Live Fish Food Starter Cultures


One culture of Vinegar eels, Micro, Banana and Walter worms four types total.

This auction is for one culture of Vinegar eels, Micro, Banana and Walter worms four types total. These cultures will be sent usps in similar types of bags shown in the picture. I will also include care sheets for the cultures to help you get started. Due to these being live foods I tend to send packages out on Mondays and Tuesdays but occasionally on Wednesday depending on the location and delivery estimated times. I also stock other live foods such as white worms, grindal worms, daphnia, confused flour beetles, gammarous shrimp, and springtails. If you don't see these other items listed please send me a message to check on quantity and prices. I also offer combined shipping whenever possible just request a total if you purchase multiple items and i'll get you the better shipping price. Any questions please feel free to ask.

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