Spirulina Fish Food Veggie cichlids food 130g + 20g

  • Intense "Blue pigmant" coloration.
  • For all Vegetariane Cichlids and other demanding tropical fish.
  • This food come as granuls in size of 1mm so it's ideal for any mouth size of your fish - floating granuls.

Ideal for all up-water and feeding fish, such as Tetra, Betta and cichlids.

Contains natural pigment enhancres to intensify the radiant colours of your fish.

Spirulina (at least 56%), fish meal, vegetable,  molluscs and crustaceans, yeasts, minerals, oils and fats.

Typical Analysis:

Crude protein - 32%
Crude oils and fats - 6.5%
Curde fiber - 3.8%
Moisture - 6 %

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