Iwaki MD-70RLT Aquarium Pump


Used Iwaki MD-70RLT aquarium pump for freshwater or saltwater applications. This was previously used on a freshwater setup for approximately five months, and is in excellent condition.

Manufacturer's Specifications:

Model: MD70RLT
Inlet(MPT)/Outlet(MPT): 1"/1"
Flow Rate @ 4 Head: 1500 GPH
Max Head ft: 31.8

Magnetic water pumps. Magnetic driven. Sealess pumps for use on fresh or saltwater aquariums. Low heat exchange . Highly durable design.  MD pumps have Japanese Made Motors. RLT pumps are for pressure applications.

Iwaki Walchem magnetic drive pumps will run longer, quieter and cooler than any traditional mag drive. Extraordinarily high efficiencies make WMD & MD the clear choice in almost every process, recirculation or transfer application.

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