Rena Filstar XP3 Filter. Comes with Extras! Aquarium, Fish, Cichlid


A used but in perfect working condition RENA Filstar XP3 filter. I used this filter on one of my African Cichlid tanks. I have taken the filter apart, cleaned everything and washed the sponge filters and bio balls. I threw away the filter media as it was used but included in the auction are 4 brand new packages of RENA filter media. I'm throwing in some extra flexible tube in case you need to extend the hoses for your aquarium.

The filter is used but cleaned in great condition. The filter media is brand new unopened. The bio balls and fine and course pads are both used but cleaned. The new media included are 2 packages of Nitra-Zorb and 2 packages of Super Activated Carbon.

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