Fish Tank JEBO 828 Aquarium Canister TANK Filter powered



•   4 stage filtration

•   Pump Output 315 G/H (1,200 LPH)

•   For Aquariums up to 150 Gallons

•   Includes flow control valves ( taps )

•   Includes all hoses and everything necessary to get started

•   Modular outlet system adjusts to any aquarium

•   160 degree rotation of inlet/outlet nozzles allows flexibility in where the pump is placed

•   Bypass-free construction ensures complete filtration

•   Unique anti-airlock system ensures continuous water flow

•   Designed for Tropical fish, Planted, and Saltwater aquariums.

•   Quiet, reliable and efficient

Dimensions 13.8in(H) x 7.9in(D) x 6.5in(W)

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