Aquarium fish tank Plastic Plants Ornament Decoration flower 9pcs


1. 100% brand new with high quality material, never used,
2. It provides an excellent hiding place for fish,       
3. The plants are anchored with a weighted ceramic base, so they will stay where they placed in the tank,        
4. They are durable in salt and fresh water,           
5. They're are absolutely safe for fish and best of all, they won't die, rot or cause any algae problems,              
6. Provides a beautiful Decoration in your aquarium,
7. Size: Approx 2 x 11.5cm , 2 x 16.5cm , 1 x 20.5cm , 1 x 21.5cm , 1 x 23.5cm, 1 x 30.5cm , 1 x 33cm.  

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