90 Gallon Showcase Aquarium / Terrarium W Stand and Cabinet ( For Repair )


90 Gallon Aquarium / Terrarium. It is in need of Silicone Repair on the back left edge, all bad Silicone has been removed just havent had time to do it myself. It would make for a great Terrarium for Reptiles that require controlled environment or that like to climb. This Aquarium comes with the following - Aquarium 90 gallons - Bottom Stand - Top Cabinet + Top Glass - Catalina Filter Works but needs part ordered - Charcoal for Filter pouch - Light Fixture - Abalone shell - Decorative Rock + Shell + Plant - Two Pairs of Air Pumps (2 large 2 small) for main air and anything extra - Dual Poor over Filter (extra) - Large water Heater. 

Golden Library