Tribal kuchi pendant silvertone goldtone metal glass bellydance 3 varieties


3 varieties of vintage tribal kuchi pendants, each sold separately. Each is made in Pakistan and was most likely attached to a tribal or bellydance costume.  Made from silvertone and goldtone metal, glass, and dangling bells.  Order by item number and shape.  #1 is a rectangular shape measuring 1 3/4" wide and 3 1/4" long including dangles.  #2 is a round shape that measures 1 3/4" wide and  4" long including bale and dangles.  #3 is a larger round shape that measures 2 1/2" at widest point and 3 1/2" long including bale and dangles.  Rectangle and large kuchis are in excellent vintage condition with all pieces intact which is very unusual for these vintage pieces.

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