Authentic John Hardy 925/22K Extra Large Round Pendant Enhancer Palu Collection


Authentic John Hardy Sterling Silver and 22K Gold Extra Large Enhancer Pendant from the Palu Collection.  This Exquisite pendant measures approximately 3 inches in diameter and weighs a hefty 79.6 grams.  It has a beautiful hammered (palu) 22K gold surface on the front with a nice sterling silver border and on the back has a wonderful scene with two people working with a volcano and sun in the background and bull keeping them company.  The large, medium and small version of this pendant does not contain as much detail or the bull in the scene that this pendant does.  It is an enhancer, so the bail opens, to allow different chain thicknesses. This pendant enhancer, product number JH00NP7453Z, is marked with all the appropriate designer marks, "JH 925 22K".  This pendant is pre-owned but has been cleaned and polished to a very nice condition.

Golden Library