8 inch Crystal Diamond Panther Bracelet, a la Cartier Duchess of Windsor


This design was made by Cartier for the Duchess of Windsor, who was widely known to have supremely good taste in jewelry. In fact, many famous jewelers vied for her business by designing jewelry for her.This bracelet measures approximately 8" long and 1-1/4" at its widest. A total of 26 individual segments are linked together to form the panther's body. His legs and paws are also segmented, but are to the side of the main bracelet, so they move independently. His eyes are faceted, faux emeralds. His body is covered with the fine crystals, all set in gold tone metal. He has a shovel clasp at the end of his tail, which slides into the mouth for a seamless and disguised closure. This is not a vintage item, but he is so extraordinary!

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