Girls Dress Up Jewelry Lot


-7 Rings
(2 Cirle shapes (Blue and Orange), 1 Square shape (Orange), 1 Rectangle shape (Pink), 1 Diamond shape (Blue) 1 Small Purple Heart shape, 1 Big Green Circle shape,

-5 Bracelets
(2 Pink ones, (Big and Small), A Blue one with Flowers on it, A Purple one made of Beads, A Purple one with Medium Beads and snaps together)

-3 Necklaces
(One all Purple one that snaps together and also matches the bracelet, Small Purple and White one, One with a Big Pink Heart on it)

-2 Headbands
(A Purple one with Flowers on it, A White Stretchy one with Sequins on it)

-2 Pairs of glasses
(One with Rainbow Stripes and is Oval Shaped, One that's more Rectangular with the main color being Blue with different colored circles)

-1 Pair of Clip on Earings
(Purple Hearts with Flowers at the top)


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