Travel ID band bracelet keeps Vital Medical Info 6/pk Enlarge Sell one like this Travel ID band bracelet keeps Vital Medical Info 6/pk


Kids Travel ID Wristbands are great for keeping your kids safe when on vacation. If you became separated from your child at a busy airport or beach, they may have difficulty in communicating to those around them due to their age, or language differences - these wristbands provide the answer! The bands can store the child's name (optional), your hotel name / flight number, 2 x emergency contact numbers and a note on your child's medical conditions or allergies.

Kids Travel ID Wristband features:

  • They are one size fits all
  • Bi-Language - Reads "If I'm Lost - Look Inside" in English & Spanish.
  • Waterproof & Tough - Use them in the ocean or swimming pool - they will not rip or tear.
  • Discreet - Your child's information is kept safe inside the band, safe from prying eyes.
  • Disposable - Discard the old band and update a new band when changing hotels or contact numbers.
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