300 Glow Stick Bracelets (10 colors) + glasses and more


Key Product Features:

    USglow Laboratories brand product (cutting edge of glow product design and premium quality)
    Premium grade materials (top quality plastics and chemicals)
    100% Non-toxic and safe (independently tested to comply with strict 2010 child safety requirements)
    Bonus connectors (create triple thick bracelets, glow balls/flowers, glow glasses, glow necklaces)
    Long and bright glow duration (4-6 hours at peak brightness, 8-12+ hours total duration)
    Factory Fresh (includes label with Date of Manufacture, and Best by Date)
    Product washed prior to packaging (no chemical smell or greasy feeling to the product)
    Strict quality control (assures you receive no duds in your order)

Product Details:

    USglow Laboratories brand glow bracelets represent the best quality and value found in glow products today. These premium quality glow products come in wide variety of 10 different colors (green, blue, purple, pink, red, orange, yellow, white, bi-green/blue, and bi-red/blue), making the standard bland 5 color assortments sold elsewhere seem dull in comparison. Beyond the largest color selection, USglow Laboratories also offers the widest assortment of bonus connectors with their glow bracelets, including standard bracelet connectors, triple bracelet connectors, glow ball/flower connectors, and glow glasses connectors. This all combines to make the USglow Laboratories glow bracelets a cut above the rest.

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